Frequently Asked Questions

What service does OMPT provide?

OMPT provides training and equipment to organizations throughout the developing world that allow them to effectively leverage video technology in their various missions.

Why video?

Our partners have marked on increased audience participation when the incorporate video into their regular work. With Catholic Relief Services in Guatemala, presentations that incorporated video and the handheld projectors we provided had their attendance improved by 33%. To learn more about the impact video can have in development programs, we recommend this comprehensive summary by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on the impact of video on behavior change efforts.

What is a Video Education Workshop?

A Video Education Workshop (VEW) is a four-day training where OMPT staff and LVTs teach participants how to plan, shoot and edit a video. By the end of the four days, all attendees will have participated in creating a video and have the knowledge to effectively utilize the provided equipment. Stay tuned for a more in-depth video breakdown of what a workshop is and what one entails.

What is a Local Video Trainer?

A Local Video Trainer (LVT) is an in-country specialists in videography and video editing who aids OMPT staff in training participants. If you are interested in becoming an LVT, you can apply here.

Who are Videomakers without Borders?

Videomakers without Borders are video making experts who volunteer to travel with and aid OMPT and our LVT staff during our workshops. It’s a great way to travel the world while applying your own expertise in a way that can truly make a difference and provide real change in the world’s most underserved communities. If you are interested in becoming a Videomaker Without Borders, you can apply here.

What equipment does OMPT provide to its partnered organizations?

We provide equipment through three separate kits--camera, charging and projector. Our charging kits are solar powered, allowing their use in communities that may lack electricity, and we supply small, easily-transportable cordless projectors. To learn more about our equipment, visit our corresponding web page.

Who started OMPT?

OMPT was founded in 2008 by Executive Director Matt York. Prior to OMPT, Matt founded and ran Videomaker Inc., a leading publisher on video education. His passion for video production and the potential impact it could have in developing nations prompted Matt to start OMPT, then known as One Mobile Player per Trainer. To learn more about Matt and his background or any of our other staff members, you can read more about our team here.

What is behavior change communication?

Communication that promotes positive changes in behavior. OMPT trains its partners on utilizing Information Communication Technologies, specifically video, to demonstrate and develop positive behavior patterns for at-risk populations. To learn more about how video can impact behavior, read our blog post on the subject.

Further questions?

Feel free to reach us through our contact page or call us directly at (530) 343-7868.