Become a Local Video Trainer

Help Your Country While Developing Your Hobby

Do you live in a developing nation? Are you skilled in video production? Join OMPT as a Local Video Trainer!

OMPT travels all over the world to conduct workshops in under-served and remote communities. We are always looking for Local, in-country Video Trainers to help us conduct our workshops. The workshops teach aid organizations to create short educational or training focused videos. These videos are then put on cordless projectors, taken into low resource areas, and used to disseminate important information – like improved farming techniques or learning resources for rural teachers. Some of the areas we focus on include: agriculture, nutrition, education, civic participation, and many more.

Local Video Trainer Sign-up Form

As a Local Video Trainer you should be:

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  • Interested in helping people in your country

  • Proficient in video production and editing

  • Able to communicate well and teach others

  • Willing to work for the prevailing wage in-country

  • Bilingual in English and one or more local languages

  • Comfortable traveling to rural locations (limited access to electricity & internet, lack of hot water, unmaintained roads)