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Learn about Information Communication Technologies for Development, effective altruism and the philosophy behind OMPT.


Information Communication Technologies for Design


Part 1: History of ICT4D

What is ICT4D? ICT4D stands for Information Communication Technologies for Development. OMPT is an ICT4D organization, one of many that use modern communication technology to improve the lives of people living in developing nations. ICT4D isn’t a new designation—the field has been around in some form or other since the mid-1950s though the development of the internet. In more recent years, the growth of mobile networks and alternative energy sources have vastly increased the ability of ICT4D groups to effect change throughout the world.


Part 2: Applying ICT4D

Applications of ICT4D are varied but generally fall into one of three categories: agriculture, education/literacy or health. OMPT, as an ICT4D organization, has projects in each of these categories.


Part 3: Using ICT4D to change behavior

One of the most common uses of OMPT’s video technology is to promote behavior change. Changing behavior can be a critical step in improving the lives of those in desperate situations. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives and improve standards of living.


Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a method of giving that uses quantitative evidence to determine the most effective places to donate. More and more, people are choosing to donate where they believe their dollars will have the most impact, whether that be in fighting animal suffering, protecting the long-term future of life on Earth through combating climate change or by providing aid and stability to underdeveloped nations across the globe.