Capacity Development Program

 Our intervention is designed and implemented in a way so that our partner organizations will be fully autonomous with video production after our collaboration. With their newfound skills and equipment, organizations will be fully capable of integrating video and mobile projectors into future projects and proposals without the need for expensive outsourcing. It is our goal that video becomes an innate part of the communication strategy and the staff of our partner organizations are confident and capable in creating and showing videos for future behavior change needs. To ensure seamless and scalable integration of video creation and dissemination into our partner’s communication strategy, OMPT will provide one year of behavior change communications capacity development post our Video Education Workshop(s).

The capacity development program includes:

Personalized consultation from OMPT’s leadership for strategy integration and workflow development

  • Scheduled Skype sessions with OMPT staff for support, troubleshooting, and further training

  • Monthly training sessions with an OMPT Local Video Trainer for workshop participants

  • Access to OMPT’s network of Local Video Trainers based in the partner’s country

During the Video Education Workshop, OMPT works with partner organization staff to establish a scheduled timeline for video creation over the following 12 months. OMPT also knows that ongoing support is essential to successful incorporation of video into behavior change communication programs. Therefore, technical and creative support is always available by phone or Skype. A Local Video Trainer will provide in-person follow up at office monthly for three months following completion of the workshop. OMPT also knows that immediate application of skills learned in the Workshop is important for knowledge retention and practice integration. Therefore, OMPT supports creating three videos and hosting three screenings of these videos within the first three months post-workshop. OMPT staff will provide technical, remote follow-up every three months for one year to ensure successful adoption of video into behavior change communications strategy. Staff are happy to answer questions, troubleshoot, and help guide projects.

Furthermore, OMPT is available to help scale and/or launch pilot projects. Once success has been documented, OMPT can help an organization to procure more equipment and train up additional staff to meet the needs of the program.