Video Education Workshops

OMPT believes in experiential training when it comes to video, that doing is the best way of learning. Therefore, during the workshop participants will gain hands-on experience with the equipment and editing software. They will also begin to create content for future use.

Customized to Meet each Partner NGO's Need

Through a four-day Video Education Workshop (VEW), organizations are empowered to design, film, edit and use video to train or educate their clients.

VEWs involve five sessions that are a combination of lecture and hands-on training. These sessions occur over four-days and include:

  • Introduction to video & content idea creation

  • Content creation

  • Editing content

  • Training on projectors

  • Education/content dissemination and planning for next 6-12 months


These hands-on trainings are facilitated by OMPT Staff, members of Videomakers without Borders and our network of Local Video Trainers. Participants learn all of the basic skills to produce content including storyboarding, shooting, audio, lighting and editing.

The workshop is structured in a series of lectures followed by hands-on skills practice with the equipment. Each small group of 7-9 participant will create a video related to the goals of the project by the end of the workshop. Once everyone has picked up the basic skills, the group takes a trip to the field to shoot content for the videos. The entire production process is managed by the participants.

We leverage a network of 1,500 Local Video Trainers in 55 countries who have opted-in to work with OMPT on projects within their countries. Local Video Trainers co-facilitate lectures, serve as translators and manage small-group breakout sessions.

After the workshop, OMPT provides organizations with follow-up technical and creative support as well as the ability to expand projects with additional equipment.

Contact our Programs Manager Kristin Henderson to discuss your project. Email her at or call +1-530-343-7868.