Video Education Workshops


Through a four-day Video Education Workshop (VEW), organizations build their capacity to use video and mobile projectors to better engage with communities and use effective behavior change communication videos for training.  

OMPT believes in the power of learning by doing. We administer a four-day hands on-workshop designed to teach beginners how to create, edit, and disseminate video. Our goal is that by the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to translate their behavior change curriculum into the powerful and effective medium of video that can be screened in local villages.

VEWs involve interactive sessions that are a combination of lecture and hands-on training. These sessions occur over four-days and include:

  • Introduction to video as a tool for behavior change communication

  • Content creation: storyboarding and scriptwriting

  • Community-driven content creation: Filming in the beneficiary community

  • Content creation: Editing videos

  • Training on mobile projectors and how to effectively show videos at the community level through mediated discussion

  • Personalized consultation session with leadership and participants to design video production and screening workflow schedule

The workshop is structured in a series of lectures followed by hands-on skills practice with the equipment. Each small group of 7-9 participants is responsible for creating one video over the course of the four day workshop. The entire production process is managed by the participants.

These hands-on trainings are facilitated by OMPT Staff, members of Videomakers without Borders, and our network of Local Video Trainers. Participants learn all of the basic skills to produce content including storyboarding, shooting, audio, lighting, and editing, and dissemination.

The workshop is designed for non-technical staff members without any prior knowledge of video production; the only prerequisite is that participants are familiar with using a laptop computer. During the workshop, OMPT works with our partner organization to create a realistic video production and screening schedule. Follow up training sessions are arranged with OMPT’s local video trainers.

We leverage a network of 1,500 Local Video Trainers in 55 countries who have opted-in to work with OMPT on projects within their countries. Local Video Trainers co-facilitate lectures, serve as translators and provide post workshop training sessions.

Contact our Program Coordinator Kristin Henderson to discuss your project. Email her at or call +1-530-343-7868.