OMPT Equipment Kits

Easy To Use Portable, Self-Powered Video Equipment

After assessing the needs of each partner organization, OMPT provides camera, projector and recharge kits designed to meet the needs of each organization and location.

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Camera Kit

Supplied within our equipment kits are cameras. Our camera kits include a tripod, mic, SD cards for storage and, of course, the camera itself. The cameras themselves are easy-to-use, intuitive, durable and easily transportable.


Projector Kit

We here at OMPT are particularly proud of our projectors. Small and handheld yet capable of serving an audience of up to 50 attendees, our projectors have a battery life of up to two hours. Like everything else in our kits, they are easily transportable and built for use in rural or remote locations. Simple and intuitive, these kits can have a profound impact on an organization’s work. Along with the projector, this kit also contains speakers.

Charging Kit

None of what we do would be possible without our charging kits. Included in this kit is a small solar panel, scooter battery and corresponding chargers, allowing staff to charge the equipment in the field whether they have access to electricity or not. These kits enable our partners to reach communities that may lack modern infrastructure but desperately require the intervention our partners provide.