This is a unique opportunity to travel the world, making a real difference in the lives of people in the poorest, most under-served communities on the globe. If you’re an enthusiastic volunteer who is looking for a way to share your knowledge about video and video production, join us in making videos that can be used to change the world.

We travel to areas in need and teach Video Education Workshops, where communities learn to create short educational or training focused videos. These videos are then put on cordless projectors, taken into low resource areas, and used to disseminate important information – like improved farming techniques or learning resources for rural teachers. Some of the areas we focus on include: agriculture, nutrition, education, civic participation, and many more.

Our Videomakers Without Borders are expected to be:

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  •  Interested in helping the poorest people in the world

  •  Comfortable traveling in developing countries (think limited electricity & internet, lack of hot-water, bumpy roads)

  •  Willing to pay or fund-raise your own travel expenses

Desired skills & experience:

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  •  Proficient in video production and editing

  •  Experience traveling to developing countries

  •  Able to teach video skills and present information to a group

  •  Enthusiastic and ready to have a great time!

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