Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a method of giving that uses quantitative evidence to determine the most effective places to donate. More and more, people are choosing to donate where they believe their dollars will have the most impact, whether that be in fighting animal suffering, protecting the long-term future of life on Earth through combating climate change or by providing aid and stability to underdeveloped nations across the globe.

At OMPT, we strive to make sure every dollar donated goes as far as it can. The equipment we provide is simple and intuitive, which ensures our training sessions focus on what is most important—creating and delivering an effective message through video. With our training programs and the durability of the donated equipment, we can ensure the cameras and projectors can be used to their best effect for years to come. By providing alternative sources of energy, we can be certain that the videos created by local organizations have the furthest reach possible. The versatility of video means the message can be focused on what is most important in the affected area, whether that be disease prevention, teaching effective farming techniques or providing powerful education tools.

All of these factors make OMPT a flexible, effective and efficient tool when trying to improve the quality of life across the developing world.