Open University – Bangladesh

Bringing Video Education to Dhaka

OMPT traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to help Bangladesh Open University (BOU) improve their audio techniques. At that time, BOU used iPods but were concerned about prohibitive cost of relying on the product. Executive Director Matt York did an assessment with the local Bangladeshi and worked to find a cheaper alternative to iPods. He was able to source items locally that would not only lower cost and increase performance, volume and clarity, but also helped BOU to utilize their community’s resources more efficiently by buying locally.

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  • Discipline: Basic Education

  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Partner: Established in 1992, Bangladesh Open University (BOU) is a public education organization that uses technology to reach out to and educate individuals throughout Bangladesh. The university is driven by improving the quality of education and providing it to whomever wishes to learn. They provide a variety of lessons from science and agriculture to humanities and social sciences. In the 2010 to 2011 year there were 378,382 individuals seeking education from BOU.

  • Project Date: September 2010

    This project falls under the following Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, click on the image(s) below.