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Local News Highlights OMPT’s Work on TV

Action News Now shines a light on founder Matt York and his organization that is working with technology in developing countries to save lives. The video takes a look at what the organization does, where they’ve been, and what technology they use along with what kind of developmental topics OMPT addresses. From a small town in Northern California, they have influenced over 20 countries with the work they are doing.

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Consumer Technology Association Highlights OMPT for Inspiring Global Technological Change

The Consumer Technology Association published an article on the work that OMPT has done by providing technological resources to the globe’s poorest and least developed nations. The article gives a brief history of OMPT, its method, and goes into detail on how technology is advancing development and opening up communication through technology. OMPT creates the opportunity to improve learning and disseminate information more efficiently, which is a step in the right direction when battling global issues such as poor healthcare. Locally produced content that is in a native language and stars local people in the informational videos is part of what makes this process successful. Simple production and easy distribution is what OMPT teaches with easy to use technology that provides a platform for crucial information to easily be shared to help further global development.

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