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We provide government and civil society organizations from all over the world and within any discipline, cutting edge video technology, equipment and know-how to improve messaging, reach, and impact.  Hear from one of our partners. To find out more about how OMPT can work with your organization, reach out to us. 


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Video Education Workshops

We provide a tailored hands-on, four-day, training your educators or extension staff how to make, edit, and share video.

  • Customized to your locale, and curriculum
  • Focused on teachable skills for quick adoption
  • Hands on shooting, editing and dissemination training


Video Equipment

We provide video equipment necessary for filming and projection video. All our equipment is alternatively powered, meaning that it does not require electricity.  It can be used anywhere at anytime.

  • Cameras, Tripods and Audio Tools
  • Editing Software and Storage
  • Projection Kits
  • Solar, AC, DC Charging Solutions


Technology Expertise

OMPT blends an understanding of current technology capabilities with our understanding of the constraints that community educators face in under-connected environments. We use this understanding to develop new applications and update equipment specifications, and to advise our partners to ensure that they are using the latest advances to amplify their message and ultimately impact behavior change.

  • Selecting the most appropriate equipment for unique environments
  • Training trainers to command the equipment

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