OMPT Offers a Three-Part Intervention



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Video Education Workshops

We provide a tailored, hands-on, four-day workshop to train staff and/or frontline extension workers to create behavior change communication videos and screen them in rural, hard-to-reach locations.

  • Community-driven; we engage with communities to increase their engagement and ownership

  • Hands on shooting, editing and dissemination training

  • Video planning and integration strategies


Video Equipment

We provide the equipment and software necessary for filming and projecting a video. Our equipment kits are designed to be used in areas without electricity anywhere, anytime.

  • Cameras, tripods and audio tools

  • Editing software

  • Mobile Projection kits

  • Solar, AC, and DC charging solutions


capacity development

OMPT believes it is crucial to ensure the integration and scalability of video creation into ongoing projects once the Video Education Workshop has been completed and the equipment has been delivered. To that end, we provide one year of capacity development support for workshop participants. The capacity development program is focused on the following:

  • Amplifying the message of partner organizations through video showings at the community level

  • Facilitating future video production for incorporation into new projects


The impact of our intervention

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