Technology Expertise

Research & Development: The Key to a Solid Foundation


OMPT works with trainers and educators in the world's most disadvantaged countries to identify their specific constraints in delivering their behavior-change communications. We assess factors such as:

  • Connectivity
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Cultural context

Based on this knowledge and on several years of experience working with governmental and non-governmental partners worldwide, OMPT provides partners with equipment and technology that is:

  • Mobile
  • Effective
  • Intuitive
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

Choosing the Best-Suited Equipment for our Partners

To make the most effective and efficient technology available to remote areas, OMPT considers sustainability, affordability, and reliability when selecting equipment for our partners. Although our equipment comes in the form of a complete production and projection kit, these kits are customizable to the unique circumstances of each partner we work with. In this way, we always have a tailored kit to fit local needs and conditions.

OMPT’s Kits Shine in Remote Places without Electricity

The remote areas in which OMPT works are off the electricity-grid, meaning that there is little to no electricity available. Moreover, these communities don’t have the resources or ability to upkeep complex technological devices. Therefore, OMPT provides sustainable chargers such as portable solar panels and motorcycle-battery chargers to ensure the longevity and continued use of the equipment.

The Equipment Selection Process is On-going

The process of selecting equipment to meet the needs of NGOs in remote locations is on-going to keep up with new technological developments. There are always at least three to four similar, but unique devices that are potential candidates for OMPT’s current equipment kit, and this is changing every month. OMPT is constantly reevaluating the devices in the video production and projection kits. Being in the industry for over two decades has put OMPT at an advantage with a vast knowledge on technology and networking resources, enabling us to stay on the cutting edge of technology.


Staying current with technology is a benefit that comes with the continuous exposure to new products. Our founder, Matt York, is surrounded by the latest and newest technological developments thanks to a twenty year history with his company Videomaker Inc. The Videomaker website serves as a global epicenter for the latest video production equipment. This provides OMPT a unique understanding that is indispensable to analyzing, testing and collecting evidence to find the most efficient and inexpensive equipment.


In order to make the equipment accessible for public organizations and NGOs, cost is a critical factor. OMPT has perfected the process for finding the lowest cost equipment without compromising quality. To select equipment, OMPT establishes accounts with wholesale centers to ensure the lowest markup. In addition, OMPT also looks at generic manufacturers which provide the same quality as brand-names, but at a lower price. The OMPT team always makes certain that the devices used in its video production and dissemination kits are the best match for our partner.


Equipment testing is done mostly internally at Videomaker Inc. because the staff has the ability and skill sets to assess the quality and efficiency of each device. Testing equipment at OMPT is primarily focused on checking the quality and performance and then bringing it to the field for a trial. OMPT’s research and development projects over the past couple years have served as trials for testing how well the NGOs received the equipment. OMPT’s goal is to continually find equipment that is easily operable by a variety of people.

Troubleshooting and Solving Problems

With technology comes problems. If a particular device that seems ideal produces a problem in the field, OMPT’sfinds a solution by replicating the problem in a controlled atmosphere and then figuring out the root cause. In other instances, OMPT will solve problems in the field by finding solutions locally. For example, at one location, a problem emerged with the audio quality of the equipment, so the local NGO staff and the OMPT team searched the town to find an affordable, wired microphone that could plug into the video equipment. Furthermore, upon completion of a workshop, OMPT continues to provide support to NGOS via email or Skype.

Our Successful Workshop is Evidence-Based

Collecting evidence is key to finding the best possible solutions and methods for conducting the video education workshop. Observation in real time is important to assessing how NGOs and individuals in remote areas respond to the equipment. With each research and development project, OMPT has been able to refine its approach to teaching, by molding the workshop to its audience. OMPT staff’s specialty is adjusting lessons to each individual’s needs and reaction to the equipment. In this way, workshops are tailored to the skill level and characteristics of each person.