What Is It:

Many non-profits host yearly or bi-yearly fundraising campaigns aimed at raising general funds for operation or directed at income for a specific project or need. The OMPT Summer 2019 Campaign is in a similar vein but directed instead at raising funds for internal use.


The goal of the OMPT Summer 2019 Campaign is to raise a minimum of $75,000 to pay for additional staff at OMPT.


June 15-July 31

why it’s exciting


During a portion of this campaign (for two weeks in July), OMPT staff will be on the ground in Ethiopia doing two really incredible projects:

Ghent University in Arba Minch

After a decade in demonstration mode, this workshop is monumental in our steps forward as an organization. We will be working with a Ph.D. researcher whom we met about five years ago at UC Davis and who now works with research-based University of Ghent in Belgium. They will be hosting the workshop in Arbis Minch in partnership with the Department of Public Health Arba Minch University, so we’ll actually be training research students and staff committed to data analysis. As part of this project, the University of Ghent is going to conduct research on the success of video technology in behavior change communication by testing video dissemination through projectors in rural communities as compared to a control community that receives the same information through traditional methods like oral communication or flip charts.

Why we’re excited: This is the first time in 12 years that OMPT will be getting solid M&E and impact reporting. We know it works, and we’re thrilled that we can finally prove it! Our research partner has been working for five years to obtain funding for this project, so this is definitely a labor of love and a long time coming that we will believe will have tremendous results.

CARE International in Nairobi

We’ve been in conversation with CARE for almost a year now, and this workshop was actually supposed to take place first in Darfur, then in Khartoum, Sudan. Due to the instability in the country since last December, security reasons have moved the workshop to Nairobi, where trainers from Sudan will come help facilitate the workshop so they can replicate it when they return to the refugee camps in Sudan. We will be teaching CARE Sudan staff how to create videos on topics of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) as well info on decentralisation, inclusive governance, gender, citizen participation, social accountability and change management.

Why we’re excited:  If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that Sudan is in a really rough spot. In December, they deposed a 30-year dictator, with hopes of democracy from the younger generations. After months of peaceful sit-ins, just last week several of the factions competing for leadership in the country attacked this sit-in, killing and injuring scores of people. The internet has been completely shut-down in the entire country, and there is a lot of uncertainty in fear. We are thrilled we’ll be teaching Sudanese trainers how to use video to teach effective methods for civic engagement and helping Sudan take steps towards establishing a strong democracy in the future. The Ethiopian Prime Minister is also helping to mediate in Sudan, so we’re excited to be in the midst of making changes in a place that needs all the help we can offer.

Use of Proceeds:

For the last ten years, OMPT has been in a “decade of discovery” period. We have been learning, testing, and analyzing how non-government organizations operate and how truly effective video technology can be in the developing world. We’ve been refining our curriculum and equipment, building up our pool of Local Video Trainers, and improving our four-day workshop.

We know the intervention works, we know it’s effective, and we know it can make a huge difference in the world. And now, with these two incredible projects underway next month, we’re ready to scale.

However, at this point in time, OMPT has only two full-time employees, which is barely enough to keep up with outreach, program development, marketing, fundraising, development, administration, social media, content development, equipment procurement and sourcing, intern management, community connections, event management, and all the rest of the hats an organization needs to wear to run smoothly.  

The $75,000 we aim to raise from this campaign will increase the capacity of OMPT to reach even more impoverished people in the world’s poorest countries, like Sudan. Specifically, we know that growing our team in the areas of program outreach and development outreach will be most effective for scale, as these are the two areas that contribute to the organization’s yearly income. Additional staffing in programs allows for more outreach that in turn leads to more MOUs being signed and more workshops being held. More staffing in the development sector fosters additional relationships, which bring in more foundation and individual donations. We aim to bring on people to fill the title of Engagement and Partnership Specialist.  Most non-profits aim to operate on about 85% program expenses, 15% donations, but OMPT is currently closer to 95% programs and 5% donations, so these are really numbers we’d like to rebalance.

We have already begun interviews for staffing towards program and development positions, and we’ve secured a consultant who will submit grant applications as needed for a fee. We aim to bring in additional staffing this summer.

How to Contribute:

Your support makes a difference and we count on the generosity of people like you in striving to reach our campaign goals. It’s our hope you reach out to friends, partners, colleagues, and others to promote our mission in achieving a better future for those in need. You can submit donations online or send a paper check to the address below:


645 Mangrove Avenue

Chico, CA 95926

Check Subject Line: OMPT Summer Campaign 2019