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Subject: Local Chico non-profit hosts equipment unpacking party 

Date: August 7, 2019

Dateline: Chico, CA

Local nonprofit preparing to send video equipment to help Sudan-based NGO fight for democracy and better health in refugee camps. 

Chico, CA August 7, 2019 — Chico-based nonprofit One Mobile Projector Per Trainer (OMPT) is proud to announce a partnership with CARE International Sudan, a Sudanese-based organization aimed at improving health and local governance opportunities in rural refugee and farming camps in the Darfur region of Sudan. 

In July, OMPT traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to facilitate a four-day Video Education Workshop, for nine members of CARE International in Sudan. During these four days, CARE Sudan staff learned how to create and disseminate video from start to finish, including scripting, storyboarding, filming and editing. They completed two full-length educational videos by the end of the workshop and left empowered to continue making videos upon their return to Khartoum, Sudan. 

The workshop in Nairobi addressed two key projects that CARE is working on in Sudan. The first was a WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project aimed at improving water, sanitation, hygiene. The second was focused on strengthening civil society and was in partnership with the Every Voice Counts Programme, which aims to contribute to inclusive and effective governance processes in fragile settings.

Our workshop was critical in preventing the spread of diseases within the displaced communities, ensuring accountability for the government, and prompting civilian participation in government. CARE Sudan staff learned to create videos promoting healthy behaviors and demonstrating how civilians can influence government policy. The videos will now be used in two separate trainings by CARE Sudan staff:

  1. The WASH videos will be shown to refugees via mobile projectors in the Darfur region will the goal of improving WASH in refugee camps.

  2. The civil society videos will be shown via mobile projectors to youth and women from pastoral and agricultural communities in two localities in South Darfur and two localities in East Darfur.

In a typical workshop, OMPT staff bring the video and projector equipment along with them and delivers it at the beginning of the workshop. Due to political instability in Sudan, OMPT will be shipping this equipment later this month.

To prepare the nearly 70 camera, projector, and recharge kits, OMPT will be hosting an “unpacking party” on Tuesday, August 13 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the OMPT offices in Chico, California. Volunteers can come for up to 2 hours and help us get equipment out of its packaging, color-coded, and assembled into kits—no specific skills necessary. We will provide all the tools necessary, as well as happy hour beverages and snacks. Kids able to work are welcome. 


About OMPT: OMPT's mission is to help in educating the world’s poorest billion people through low-cost video technology. OMPT envisions a world where electricity, illiteracy, location, language and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change. Through locally created video instruction, small improvements in knowledge dissemination can fuel this progress for individuals and communities.

More information is available at

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Thanks for subscribing to OMPT's newsletter!