Marie Stopes International – Mali

In 2018, OMPT partnered with Marie Stopes International to educate Mali's impoverished population about common-sense family planning practices. Mali, a country that has been rife with conflict following a civil war beginning in 2012 and subsequent military coup, has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. Although the nation's economy has improved since the start of the civil war, decreased rainfall in recent years has brought economic instability to much of the nation's population. Ranked 175 out of 188 on the Human Development Index, Mali remains one of the poorest nations in the world with over half the country living below the international poverty line.

While it has decreased in recent years, child mortality rate in Mali is alarmingly high. More than one in 10 children die before age 5 and nearly two in five children are at a low height for their age, one of the primary symptoms of malnourishment.

Marie Stope's International's mission in Mali is a vital one. Along with our seven cameras, 14 projector kits and 14 solar-powered chargers, OMPT held a four day Video Education Workshop for employees of Marie Stopes International to train them on how to improve their messaging through educational video content. Marie Stopes International's dedication to family planning, the use of contraceptives and reproductive health provides invaluable assistance to families throughout the world and we here at OMPT are proud to have helped their work in Mali. This was our first time in Mali as well as our first time working with Marie Stopes International and we look forward to any future partnerships and work in Mali.


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