Save the Children – Mozambique

After successfully working together in Nepal, Save the Children invited OMPT to collaborate again in Mozambique, Africa in their Literacy Boost Project, an initiative which helps create more reading opportunities for children by involving parents and communities in student learning.

Our three-day workshop covered basic video production and editing as well as training on content dissemination using cordless projectors. As part of the experiential learning component, participants visited a rural school in Gaza province, supported by Save the Children, to practice creating their own videos. That content was then used during the training's editing process as the participants learned how to integrate video into their work for the Literacy Boost Project.

The results for these first-time filmmakers were impressive and their videos were screened at the end of the training in a mini-festival. This project was a great example of OMPT’s belief that anyone can create video.

Literacy Boost Project

Ryan’s experience as a Videomaker without Borders in Mozambique:

"I was reminded first hand how precious and rewarding it is to watch others discover technology for the first time.

"As you place a physical device in a hand, or a new idea in a mind, you can see an internal spark ignite their passion and creativity. It can take off like wild fire. Our job is to encourage, protect and coax this spark into a flame which will burn much longer than our presence and visit with them.

"I look forward to future opportunities to watch this spark, and it’s result, take hold and create a lasting impact on our participants, their country and the world.”

Dilson’s experience as a Local Video Trainer in Mozambique:

"During the workshop, there were many moments of excitement and joy as well as moments of tension from the participants for having to learn about video and filming in a short span of time.

"I loved seeing the final product, which is the immense satisfaction on the participants’ faces for taking such important baby steps towards learning how to make a difference through video.

"I could go on and on about the excellent work I witnessed with OMPT. I did not only work with OMPT, but I gained a new family as well. Prior to the workshop I met the people who had hired me to help but, after it, I left with four more valuable friends: Claire, Matt, Ryan and Caitlin.

"Keep up the good work. I loved working with you.”

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  • Discipline: Basic Education

  • Location: Maputo, Mozambique (with attendees from Kenya & Malawi)

  • Partner: Save the Children

  • Project Date: May 2013

    This project falls under the following Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, click on the image(s) below.