Save the Children & World Vision – Ethiopia


Overview Of The Project

In Ethiopia, OMPT trained staff from both Save the Children and World Vision who were working on Literacy Boost, a program that helps improve reading opportunities for children by involving parents and communities in student learning. During the workshop, staff learned the basics of video production and dissemination using cordless projectors. They learned to produce content and give professional development training to teachers in rural areas. We hired three local video enthusiasts to help facilitate small group breakout sessions and translate information.

Thank You To Our Local Video Trainers


Photos from the trip

“I enjoyed watching the Save the Children and World Vision passionately take control of their own learning. As soon as they learned the basics they were unstoppable, all testing out their own, new techniques. It was wonderful to hear them talk about the ways it would support and benefit their work training teachers in early grade reading.” – Claire Pelley, Program Coordinator OMPT

Project Partners


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  • Discipline: Basic Education

  • Location: Ambo, Ethiopia

  • Partner: Save the Children & World Vision

  • Project Date: October 2013

    This project falls under the following Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, click on the image(s) below.