Catholic Relief Services – Senegal & Guinea-Bissau

The West African Ebola outbreak of 2014 was devastating for the affected nations. There was fear that the outbreak would continue to spread to neighboring countries and cause further casualties. There was particular concern that Senegal and Guinea-Bissau could face a potential outbreak due to their geographical proximity to Guinea.

OMPT partnered with Catholic Relief Services in October 2015 to prevent the spread of Ebola into Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. Executive Director Matt York, Program Manager Claire Pelley and two local video trainers administered training in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau for 29 organizational members. OMPT delivered 9 camera kits, 142 projector kits and 151 recharging kits to the training participants. Catholic Relief Services trainers will use the videos to increase hygienic practices and sanitation procedures of community members in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau to prevent the transmission of Ebola. 

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