World Vision – Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, there is a significant need to combat the spread of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). To help meet this need, OMPT, participated in a project with World Vision in Daru Island, Papua New Guinea, the epidemic hot-spot with the most intense rate of community transmission in the world. The project aimed to empower the local team to use video education to combat the spread of the disease.

Previously relying on flipcharts and posters to raise awareness and understanding, World Vision will now be able to make videos aimed at motivating affected individuals to take the full nine to 18 month course of medication while sharing strategies to cope with the uncomfortable side effects.

Other videos will teach people simple prevention practices like covering their mouths when they cough. Unlike static images and posters, video enables audiences to observe vivid moving images, emphasizing the difference that simple measures can make in containing the spread of disease.

Local staff will also make videos to reduce the stigma and fear of being identified as an infected person, encouraging those affected to seek treatment. These educational videos will be screened on battery powered video projectors in remote communities that can only be reached by sea or air travel.

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  • Discipline: Health

  • Location: Daru Island, Papua New Guinea

  • Partner: World Vision

  • Project Date: August 2017

    This project falls under the following Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, click on the image(s) below.