The Foundation for Tomorrow - Tanzania

Due to positive changes in policy, more Tanzanian children are attending school than ever before. However, this increase in student  population has not been reflected in the quality or quantity of teachers. Moreover, there are over one million Tanzanian orphaned children that lack accessibility to education. Low-quality education coupled with limited access for vulnerable populations present a major challenge to the Tanzanian education system.

OMPT partnered with The Foundation for Tomorrow to deliver a teacher training project in Arusha, Tanzania in March 2017. Executive Director, Matt York and two Local Video trainers facilitated the workshop for 16 local teachers and staff members from The Foundation for Tomorrow. A member of Videomakers Without Borders, Donald Thige, also participated in facilitating the workshop. OMPT delivered 4 camera kits, 10 projector kits and 10 recharge kits. The goal of this project was to improve the overall quality of education for Tanzanian students. Videos were created to provide teachers with training videos to improve the quality of instruction and classroom management.

  • Discipline: Education
  • Location: Tanzania
  • Partner: The Foundation for Tomorrow
  • Project Year: 2017