Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - The Gambia

In 2015, there were 214 million cases of malaria in the world. This resulted in 438,000 deaths globally where 90 percent of those deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. Although malaria is preventable, in the developing world it presents an enduring challenge. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable and account for more than two-thirds of malaria deaths.

OMPT partnered with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) in March 2017. With the assistance of two Local Video Trainers and a member of Videomakers Without Borders, Matt York facilitated a Video Education Workshop for 25 MOHSW staff members and health workers. OMPT delivered 8 camera kits, 16 projector kits and 16 recharge kits. Videos were created to emphasize the proper use of insecticide bed nets and general hygiene. The participants of the workshop were all enthusiastic and OMPT believes there is a great opportunity to scale this project across Gambia.

  • Discipline: Health
  • Location: The Gambia
  • Partner: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
  • Project Year: 2017