International Medical Corps – Ethiopia

Ethiopia met its Millennium Development Goal target of getting 57 percent of the country access to safe drinking water in 2015, but access to improved sanitation remains discouragingly low at 28 percent. Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is still a critical area of development for this country and continues to impact the health and nutrition of Ethiopians. Diarrheal disease, a consequence of poor sanitation and hygiene practices, is one of the leading causes of under-five mortality.

In August of 2016, OMPT conducted a health and sanitation project with International Medical Corps (IMC) in the Woyaita Zone of Ethiopia. OMPT trained 15 staff members from IMC and local community organizations to create and disseminate video using cordless video projectors. Program Manager Claire Pelley and Research Assistant Kristin Henderson facilitated the workshop with the help of two Local Video Trainers — Beka and Michael. The Local Video Trainers were able to conduct the workshop in the national language, Amharic. The videos created highlighted the importance of using latrines and safe hand washing techniques. OMPT also delivered 8 camera kits, 10 projector kits and 10 recharging kits. The participants were excited to use the equipment and have a sustainable plan in place for their continued video production. OMPT will be working with IMC over the next year to track their progress and success.

  • Discipline: Health and Sanitation
  • Location : Ethiopia
  • Partner: International Medical Corps
  • Project Year: 2016