Save the Children & World Vision – Ethiopia

In sub-Saharan Africa, the number of children attending school is on the rise, however many children are lacking basic reading and writing skills. Among low income countries, Ethiopia has one of the highest illiteracy rates of youth. In 2011, roughly half of the youth population in Ethiopia was illiterate, the adult literacy rate is even lower – around 40%. Not only is it important that school children are provided with the appropriate tools, but also that children are engaged to learn.

In October 2013, OMPT partnered with Save the Children Ethiopia on their project – Literacy Boost. The video production training took place north of the capitol in Ambo. Matt York, Claire Pelley, and two Local Video Trainers facilitated the workshop for 20 staff members. In addition to staff from Save the Children, three participants joined from World Vision who also implements Literacy Boost activities. OMPT delivered four projector kits, three camera kits and four alternative recharging kits. Using the battery-powered projectors, Save the Children staff will be able to give professional development training to teachers in rural locations which will improve learning outcomes for thousands of children.

  • Discipline: Education
  • Location: Ethiopia
  • Partner: Save the Children & World Vision
  • project Year: 2013