Save the Children – Mozambique

Multiple countries in sub-Saharan Africa have literacy rates below 70 percent and, in some areas, literacy rates are even worse, dropping as low 50 percent or less. Despite higher attendance rates of children in African schools, there are still many not learning basic reading skills. It is vital that literacy is emphasized both inside and outside the classroom.

OMPT partnered with Save the Children in October 2013 on a Literacy Boost project in Mozambique. Executive Director Matt York, Program Manager Claire Pelley, a volunteer member of Videomakers Without Borders and one Local Video Trainer administered the training for 20 Save the Children staff members from Mozambique, Kenya and Malawi. OMPT delivered seven camera kits and 30 projector kits to the training participants. Using the battery-powered projectors, Save the Children staff will be able to give professional development training to teachers in rural locations which will improve learning outcomes for thousands of children.

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  • Discipline: Education
  • Location: Mozambique
  • Partner: Save the Children
  • Project Year: 2013