Plan International – Guatemala

Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean. Chronic malnutrition fuels higher infant mortality rates and developmental issues. Half of Guatemalan children under the age of five experience stunting or the inability to adequately grow and develop. Malnutrition is a community issue which can be linked to health care systems, education and food insecurity - multiple sectors need to be addressed to cause significant impact in this area.

Our partner, Plan International, is using equipment and guidance provided by OMPT to educate through video in a nutrition and food security project in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. Mike Wilhelm, a member of Videomakers Without Borders, and two local video trainers facilitated a video education workshop in which 20 Plan staff members were trained to create video. The videos created reflect the importance of fulfilling nutrition guidelines for children and families as well as emphasizing food security practices. OMPT delivered 13 projector kits, two camera kits and four recharging kits. Plan staff will continue to create video and disseminate them into the local communities throughout the next year.

  • Discipline: Food Security & Hygiene
  • Location: Guatemala
  • Partner: Plan International
  • Project Year: 2016