Mercy Corps & WINGS – Guatemala

OMPT delivered training and equipment to two organizations working in Alta Verapaz Guatemala. Ten staff members from each organization attended. Staff from Mercy Corps working on the USAID funded PROCOMIDA project came as well as staff from WINGS who work with indigenous Mayan communities to promote family planning. They received training on video production, as well as dissemination using cordless video projectors, over four days.

Train Mercy Corps Guatemala and WINGS staff to shoot, edit and disseminate video on cordless video projectors over four days.

Analysis of Outcomes:
Based on the quality of the video content created by the participants as well as the before and after surveys, initial analysis of the workshop shows that it exceeded expectations. Many participants arrived at the workshop with little experience or confidence in their ability to produce video content. All left expressing significant improvement and confidence in their ability to executive video projects, as well as enthusiasm for applying the intervention to their work.

Each organization produced a planning calendar to execute more videos over the next 3-6 months. Mercy Corps’ PROCOMIDA project has only eight more months before closing so they will pilot the use of video and cordless projectors at this time for potential expansion into new programs. WINGS plans to use the videos extensively in their outreach with families and communities. They will pilot the intervention with a goal to demonstrate efficacy and scale up.

Sustainability will be bolstered by OMPT and its Local Video Trainers’ follow-up support. Both Local Video Trainers will be available to serve as volunteers or consultants when needed by the organizations. OMPT will also follow up monthly to track any needs of the organizations as they integrate video into their interventions.

OMPT also took an interview of Mercy Corps Deputy Country Director Jay Jackson discussing the conditions they face in Guatemala and how OMPT’s technology will be of benefit.

  • Partners: Mercy Corps Guatemala, WINGS