Mercy Corps & WINGS – Guatemala

Malnutrition is a common affliction in Guatemala; roughly half of children under the age of 5 are chronically undernourished. In the indigenous areas, the number is much higher – at 69 percent of children under the age of 5 chronically undernourished. As indicated by the statistics, indigenous women and children are the most vulnerable to malnutrition and subsequent poor health. Limited healthcare also impacts indigenous women’s access to family planning. Lack of family planning resources coupled with malnutrition can lead to higher infant mortality rates in the region.

In partnership with Mercy Corps and WINGS, OMPT conducted a maternal child health and nutrition project for indigenous Mayan communities. With the help of Videomakers Without Borders member Mike Wilhelm and two Local Video Trainers, Matt York and Claire Pelley facilitated a Video Education Workshop from 20 staff members. Staff attended from both Mercy Corps and WINGS. OMPT also delivered 4 camera kits, 6 projectors kits and 6 recharging kits. Mercy Corps will incorporate nutrition and sanitation videos into their PROCIMDA programming, while WINGS staff will create videos promoting family planning methods. Videos will be created in the indigenous language or Mayan communities and shown on cordless video projectors in rural areas.

  • Discipline: Hygiene, Nutrition & Family Planning
  • Location: Guatemala
  • Partner: Mercy Corps & WINGS
  • Project Year: 2014