Digital Green – India


OMPT traveled to Delhi, India to put on a two-day workshop for Digital Green during which Digital Green’s staff improved their video production skills and were able to produce more effective videos.

Empowering Rural Farmers

With the assistance of partnerships, the non-profit, non-government organization Digital Green utilizes video to distribute agricultural information to farmers in developing countries.Their goal is to alleviate social, economic and environmental sustainability issues. Digital Green has been doing basic video production for several years, but they partnered with OMPT to learn about more advanced video skills.

Instead of the usual kits, OMPT provided reflectors and samples to improve Digital Green’s video production techniques. Digital Green also purchased about 1,500 projectors, which has allowed them to collaborate with NGOs in a variety of rural areas to spread the teachings of effective farming practices through video.

  • Location: Delhi, India
  • NGO Partner: Digital Green
  • Discipline: Agriculture