Job Description:

Program Manager for Polder Inc. (OMPT)


Status: Full time/Exempt

Reports to: Executive Director



This position is primarily responsible for the management of program and service delivery of the organization, bringing audio-visual services to overseas clients in developing countries.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Manager oversees the daily operation of the organization in regards to its services and programs as delivered by the audio-visual team.

The Program Manager leads Polder's team of audio-visual trainers.


Duties and responsibilities:

Program and Services Administration

  1. To be responsible for all facets of audio-visual programming, service development, delivery from client contact and proposal writing through planning, budgeting, implementation, evaluation and report writing.

  2. To be responsible for all equipment needed for program execution from procurement and fulfillment to inventory management and reporting.

  3. To establish and maintain all client files and documentation in an appropriate and accountable manner according to established standards.

  4. To ensure consistency of quality, accountability and high standards in all programs and services - both client support and education. This includes providing team training and developing procedures and comprehensive frameworks of delivery.

  5. To maintain appropriate fiscal controls to ensure all programs are within the scope of the annual budget. Responsible to bill clients and report on account receivables.

  6. To maintain accurate and complete statistical records for all programs and services on the database and providing funders with comprehensive details on programs offered.

  7. To ensure consistent and meaningful evaluation of all programs and services is carried out in order to assess their impact and success and to make needed changes and improvements as indicated.


Management of Personnel:

  1. To be responsible for hiring, orientation and ongoing supervision of all audio-visual trainers.

  2. To provide positive leadership to all interns and volunteers, encouraging a team approach, professional attitude and good board and staff relations, always modeling best practices in this regard.

Organization Management:

  1. To assist the Executive Director with the development of the budget and to monitor and be accountable for all program and service expenditures.

  2. To monitor and complete appropriate reporting to funders.

  3. To advise the Board about programs and policies appropriate to our mandate.

  4. To be an active participant in the management team, attending meetings regularly and bringing forward issues for discussion and decision.


Other Related Duties:


  1. To participate on key board committees as appropriate.

  2. To participate actively as a representative in collaborative partner networks and in related activities.

  3. To identify learning needs for the program and service department.


Skill, Knowledge, Education and Experience:


  1. A university degree in audio-visual technology or a combination of relevant education and experience.

  2. Successful supervisory experience.

  3. Excellent oral and writing communication skills.

  4. Excellent computer skills.

  5. A capacity to work collaboratively.

  6. Capable of overseas travel.

  7. Capable of working with diverse populations.