Peer Reviewed Articles

Locally-produced videos as a method to reach rural populations with behavior change messaging is fast becoming a preferred technique among NGOs and ministries of government. OMPT’s intervention is specifically designed to build the capacity of our partners and ensure video strategies are fully incorporated.

Below are several peer-reviewed articles that demonstrate the effectiveness of video as a behavior change communication tool.

Digital Green

Convening to Share Experiences on Video-Based ICT for Rural Development(PDF)

Participatory Video and Mediated Instruction for Agricultural Extension(PDF)

Participatory Video for Agricultural Extension(PDF)

Lessons Learned from Locally Produced Videos – the Approach of Digital Green in India(PDF)

Digital Public Health - Technology Opportunity Assessment -Prepared for the Merck for Mothers Program(PDF)

University of Washington

Projecting Health - Engaging communities through visual communication(PDF)

Mobile video for patient education: The midwives’ perspective(PDF)

Mobile Video Dissemination for Community Health(PDF)

Projecting Health: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health(PDF)


Evaluating Facilitated Video Instruction for Primary Schools in Rural India(PDF)

Reflecting on Video: Exploring the Efficacy of Video for Teaching Device Literacy in Rural Kenya(PDF)

Impact of Low-Cost, On-Demand Information Access in a Remote Ghanaian Village(PDF)

fhi360 - Integrating Low-Cost Video into Development Projects(PDF)

Learning Digitally: Evaluating the Impact of Farmer Training via Mediated Videos(PDF)

Evidence of Effective Approaches to Social and Behavior Change Communication for Preventing and

Using Digital Video in Rural Indian Schools: A Study of Teacher Development and Student Achievement(PDF)

Video in Development(PDF)