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Upcoming trips and income inequality

Burkina Faso

A great thing about working in Burkina Faso, since we’ve been there before, is the familiarity with the landscape. Normally some of your brain is working towards getting the lay of the land, trying to figure out what the local customs are (in some places you can’t put your feet up with the bottom facing people, in other places you can’t refer to a certain period of time because it was marked by a violent revolution) so it’s always nice to be someplace where your brain power can be focused on building relationships.

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Looking Back at 12 Years at OMPT

I’ve been doing OMPT for about 12 years now and it’s never been easy. But what gets me up in the morning is the hope that we can transform lives. That the things we are doing have positive impact. Our kits have a lifetime of maybe 5 years, so, over those years, thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people will watch a message created and shared through the technology and training we provided.

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