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A Brief Look at Ethiopia: Part 2

Ethiopia is one of the world's least developed countries and has encountered food insecurity for its population routinely. The government and numerous NGOs have attempted to eradicate hunger through government programs and land cultivation. In July 2019, OMPT is teaming up with Arba Minch University in southern Ethiopia to teach Ph.D. students how to create videos aimed at improving mother and infant nutrition.

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Interview with Carli Parisi: How will ICT4D and Behavior Change Impact Our World?

As a recent International Studies graduate of Chico State University, OMPT intern Carli is passionate about how technology can impact the future of marginalized communities around the world. As this week is UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week, we thought it would be a great time to learn more about where she got her start, her excitement for technology in developing nations, and what she thinks might change the world.

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ICT4D Part 1: History of ICT4D

What is ICT4D? ICT4D stands for Information Communication Technologies for Development. OMPT is an ICT4D organization, one of many that use modern communication technology to improve the lives of people living in developing nations. ICT4D isn’t a new designation—the field has been around in some form or other since the mid-1950s though the development of the internet. In more recent years, the growth of mobile networks and alternative energy sources have vastly increased the ability of ICT4D groups to effect change throughout the world.

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