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CARE Malawi Debuts Its First Video!

When OMPT goes out to complete a project, we only get the chance to work with members of the local community for a few days, but what happens after we leave? The impact of video education and ICT4D (information and communication technologies for development) remains positive and impactful far past the end of our workshop. We love hearing back from partners that we have worked with in the past who are still implementing technology to educate and promote positive behavior change. 

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A Brief Look at Ethiopia: Part 2

Ethiopia is one of the world's least developed countries and has encountered food insecurity for its population routinely. The government and numerous NGOs have attempted to eradicate hunger through government programs and land cultivation. In July 2019, OMPT is teaming up with Arba Minch University in southern Ethiopia to teach Ph.D. students how to create videos aimed at improving mother and infant nutrition.

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Sustainable Development Goals: How OMPT Is Helping Advance the United Nations’ Goals to Transform Our World

OMPT helps to progress the UN Sustainable Development Goal 17, which lays out targets for technology and capacity building that utilize partners in the international community to provide access to technology and innovation in order to enhance sustainability and implement developmental practices.

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