Join Our Global Fellows Team!


Fellow (n): “a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or otherwise associated with another.”

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In other words, a fellow is one with whom you share common interests, passions and pursuits. With the addition of the word “global,” we are introduced to a more worldly individual; a “global fellow” is one whose location, class, continent, and financial status form no barrier to joining hands with those who pursue similar worthy causes. A global fellow recognizes we are all on the same globe and that all inhabitants of this globe should have the same opportunities.  


A Global Fellow actualizes at OMPT as a united group of men and women around the world who are together dedicated to helping the world’s poorest by using video education to encourage behavior change and introduce new opportunities and knowledge.

One Mobile Projector Per Trainer uses classes, seminars and workshops in the field of video production and dissemination to train the staff of organizations like UNICEF, World Vision, CRS and Save the Children. We train these incredible staff members how to create and edit video, how to disseminate it with mediated discussion, and how to plan for future videos. They can then take these messages to hard to reach populations, empowering local communities with knowledge around major issues that keep people trapped in persistent poverty, like education, agriculture, sanitation and nutrition.


To an OMPT Global Fellow, it is unacceptable that one fifth of the people in our world live in abject poverty. These people are severely deprived of the basic human needs we take for granted everyday: food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter and sanitary living conditions. They have limited access to education and information, and they survive on less than a $1.25 per day. Because these people are so far away from us geographically, and we don’t see them in our everyday lives, it is easy to think that we can’t help make life better for them, and to forget about the problems they face. An OMPT Global Fellow is dedicated to bringing these people to mind in our everyday lives and actively working towards solutions that improve their quality of life.


We invite you to join this powerful and motivated community for good and become part of an amazing experience which is manifesting in the non-profit company, One Mobile Projector per Trainer (OMPT). Join us in our vision to go to the poorest countries in the world and provide a catalyst and means for change.