OMPT Can Help Grow Your Organization’s Capacity

Introducing the Capacity Development Program

OMPT has been training and equipping charities and ministries of government to use video in rural communities for over 10 years. We know that video is one of the most powerful tools for effecting behavior change, and we’re excited for another 10 years of revolutionary communication.

So excited, in fact, that we are ready to unveil a new aspect of our intervention: the Capacity Development Program.


Based on the feedback of our partners, as well on our own experiences, we determined that providing a four day intensive workshop, equipment and ad hoc follow up support could be even stronger with the addition of a key ingredient: sustainability. OMPT’s Capacity Development Program (CDP) is designed as a mechanism to support our partners in designing an appropriate and detailed workflow to create and show videos over the course of project lifecycles.

It’s our goal that video and projector education becomes a crucial element in the DNA of each partner organization’s communication strategy. Not only does this empower staff with a tool for creating more engaging content, but it also increases the capacity of an organization by standardizing the message, thereby decreasing fatigue and lack of consistency, as well as saving costs by allowing fewer staff members to reach more communities with the same message.

During the four day intensive workshop, time will be set aside in which our OMPT staff work with the leadership staff of our partners to develop a workflow that meets the specific needs of the organizations. During this collaborative consultation, deadlines will be set for video production and screening in local communities. We will provide guidance on how to best incorporate locally created video and mobile projectors in ongoing projects of the organization.


After the intensive four-day training, workshop attendees will attend monthly training sessions for a minimum of three months. During these working sessions, attendees will have plenty of hands-on help and continued education: our Local Video Trainers will be working one-on-one with attendees to assist with all stages of video production to ensure confidence and knowledge retention. Ideally, these working sessions correspond with the deadlines for video productions agreed upon during the workshop.

Finally, OMPT will also arrange remote strategy and development sessions with leadership staff quarterly for one year. We want to be a part of your organization’s video communication staff for a long time to come!

With the addition of the CDP, OMPT is confident that our intervention provides a comprehensive ICT4D solution for our partners. By collaborating with OMPT, your organization will be trained, equipped and empowered to use video in rural communities. It is our goal that are partners be fully autonomous with video production and mobile projector use without the need for any external intervention.

Ready for video to be a part of your organization’s DNA? Ask about our Capacity Development Program today!

Kristin HendersonComment