OMPT returns to Burkina Faso


Partnering with UNICEF (United Nations International Fund for Children), we will be returning to Burkina Faso at the end of September. As you may remember from our July newsletter, this trip was originally scheduled for mid-summer but had to be postponed. While this is our second time traveling to Burkina Faso, this will be our first time working with UNICEF. We are incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with an organization as large and influential as UNICEF and look forward to future partnerships.

“It’s just an incredible joy for us at OMPT to have a vendor number with UNICEF,” said Matt York on working with UNICEF for the first time. “We’ve etched a little place in their world where, should we do another project with them elsewhere on the planet, we are now kind of in the ‘in-crowd’, so to speak. That’s really a thrill. It is a great experience to get to work with UNICEF for the first time.”

Our trip to Burkina Faso will also be one of our largest ever. Rather than the typical one or two organizations being trained, UNICEF has gathered representatives from a number of different groups to be trained at our Video Education Workshop. After the four day training, participants will bring the knowledge they learn, as well as camera, projector and recharging kits, to share within their own, individual organizations. The opportunity to train groups that each specialize in a wide variety of behavior change disciplines, is uniquely inspiring and gratifying.