January 2016 Newsletter

Big Vision for 2016 — A Note From our Executive Director

Happy New Year! I want to personally thank you for your generous support throughout 2015. While 2015 has had many challenges, it was our most successful year yet.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa came at a time when OMPT was prepared to respond fully to the needs of the beneficiary communities involved. Our work last year fostered wonderful partnerships, heightened visibility, and increased organizational growth.

OMPT has great confidence that our intervention and technological approach to alleviating poverty is much needed and largely unique to the underserved communities we represent.

Eight years ago, my vision for OMPT was to ensure every trainer, teacher, and extension worker in the developing world has access to a cordless projector. The bottom billion continue to drive our mission and purpose. In 2015 we were able to touch the lives of individuals, families, and communities from Cambodia, to Guinea, to Liberia, to Guinea-Bissau, and Senegal. We aim to expand our reach in 2016 into more regions and disciplines.

This year, I not only invite you to stay current with our partner videos, but challenge you to become a "Global Fellow." The program is based on levels of financial support, and you may be able to join OMPT on an intervention to help alleviate poverty in our global community. Feel free to connect with me directly to discuss how you can play an integral role in the 2016 success of One Mobile Projector Per Trainer.

Blessings and Warmest Regards,
Matthew York, Executive Director

Next Stop...Guatemala!

OMPT is at it again, this time the organization heads to Guatemala partnering with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for a second time. The team will be training CRS to make and show videos with with messages related to nutrition and maternal child health. Topics include: hand-washing, appropriate feeding for baby, and environmental sanitation. CRS has ambitious plans for the videos and hope to use them in cross cutting ways within their projects, communication with donors, and staff training.

LG's Minibeam LED Projector

LG Corp has created a minibeam LED projector, which has pretty remarkable features including: an embedded battery with a life of up to 2.5 hrs, HD resolution, and a built-in digital TV tuner. With a 300 lumen rating (brightness), this device has the ability to show OMPT educational videos in a variety of lighting conditions.

Do you shop on Amazon?

Did you know that when you shop on Amazon.com you can also support OMPT? Bookmark this link so all eligible shopping will benefit OMPT through project AmazonSmile. 


OMPT is currently seeking volunteers in our Chico, California office or to work on virtual projects. If you are interested please email info@ompt.org. 


Gift giving is one way to ensure that OMPT will be able to continue to deliver projects to the world's poorest billion. To learn more about our Global Fellows Gift Giving Tiers, contact Jonathan King at jking@ompt.org or by calling 530.343.7868.

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Help OMPT — Your Donation Has an Impact

Our Process

  1. Workshops teach volunteers to create, edit, and disseminate community driven videos.
  2. OMPT supplies portable solar powered equipment such as projectors and camcorders.
  3. Videos are shown via projectors that increase the rate at which community members adopt life changing behaviors.

Your financial support allows us to continue transforming under-served communities around the world. Make an Online Donation Here or call +1-530-343-7868 for other options.

"OMPT envisions a world where electricity, illiteracy, location, language, and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change."
- Matt York, Founder
Patrice York