May 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Conferences

OMPT will be presenting at two international conferences this month. First, Executive Director Matt York has been invited to co-present at the 2016 ICT4D Conference in Nairobi, Kenya with our partner organization, Catholic Relief Services. They will discuss the work OMPT and CRS collaborated on in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau at the end of 2015. It is an exciting opportunity to showcase OMPT’s training, equipment, and impact.

Additionally, at the invitation of GIZ, OMPT has also been invited to the 2016 eLearning Africa Conference in Cairo, Egypt. Matt York and Claire Pelley will both be attending to represent OMPT in an interactive session on ICTs for refugee education. This will be a great platform for development professionals to handle the devices and understand how they may improve their own work.

Headquarters’ Events

OMPT recently hosted a successful poverty forum for local community members to gather and discuss solutions for global poverty. We featured a short video discussing the underlying causes of systemic global poverty and facilitated a roundtable discussion to engage community members. OMPT believes it is important to continue to engage communities in the fight for poverty alleviation because change first starts with a conversation.

Are you interested in joining Videomakers Without Borders?

OMPT is hosting a monthly Videomakers Without Borders webinar series to connect with new members and discuss upcoming opportunities. If you are interested, please sign up and we will keep you updated about our next webinar.

Patrice York