June 2016 Newsletter

The Data Does Not Lie…

In late 2015, OMPT conducted a project in partnership with Catholic Relief Services in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. The focus was on Ebola prevention and sensitization. Although we are still waiting for the full report, Catholic Relief Services has noted a 23 percent increase in meeting attendance due to OMPT’s technology and training! The personalized films allow more effective messaging, as the images presented to communities were made by the communities and, therefore, more targeted and relevant. Moreover, children under 10 were particularly enthusiastic. This behavior change communication effort was more quickly accepted by children than the elderly. Our Executive Director, Matt York & Catholic Relief Services presented this information and other encouraging news at the ICT4D Conference in Nairobi in May. We are excited to see the impact of our video interventions and look forward to more positive news.

OMPT’s Impact Statement

OMPT has been working hard the past few months to produce an Impact Statement. This report chronicles the impact of our projects in the last seven years. We have synthesized survey data from our projects to show effectiveness of our workshops. Here is a chart included in our report that represents the change in videography confidence of participants pre and post workshop. As you can see in all cases, confidence levels went up due to OMPT’s training.

Volunteer Update

We greatly enjoy our volunteers and value their work. Recently, OMPT has added another volunteer to our team. Rae Lynne Lee will be helping us with grant writing and research so that we can continue to conduct projects in the most under-served communities in the world. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know!

Patrice York