April 2016 Newsletter

OMPT: New Development Strategy

OMPT staff members have been working hard to develop an impact statement detailing the success of our interventions. We have collected surveys from our 9 most recent projects and are presenting an analysis of this data to represent a positive impact of OMPT’s work. Here is an excerpt from our report:
“Forty non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have purchased $933,740 in OMPT’s services and hardware and participated in testing our hypothesis in 14 countries over a period of 6 years. These NGOs had 310 staff members devote 9,920 hours to attend training sessions comprised of our proposed curriculum. Our partner NGOs report that beneficiaries are engaged in videos made by participants of our workshops. Our proposed hardware solution was deployed totaling 1,936 cordless projectors, 121 cameras and 385 off-grid recharging kits. Our data shows that there is indeed a market and demand for OMPT’s training and technology.”

Reaching out to Foundations

One of OMPT’s priorities this year is to scale up our outreach to foundations with the goal of securing funding to engage in more projects to benefit people living in poverty. OMPT is committed to developing a strategy to establish these connections. In order to increase our attractiveness to foundations, we have created Program Interest Brochures (PIBs) illustrating a project OMPT is interested in pursuing. Click here to view an example PIB. PIBs are designed to showcase OMPT’s work to foundations.

OMPT Innovation at its Best!

With the help of a former Microsoft engineer, OMPT is in the process of developing a purpose built cordless projector that will be able to better withstand the conditions of the developing world. Our proposed Xtreme Mobile Projector (XMP) will be designed to combat the challenges of moisture, dust and rough handling with an easy to use interface. We will update you once it is ready to be revealed!

Patrice York