September 2016 Newsletter

Return from Ethiopia!

In late August, OMPT concluded a health and sanitation workshop in Woyalita Sodo, Ethiopia, in partnership with International Medical Corps. Claire Pelley, program manager and Kristin Henderson, research assistant,  spent four days facilitating a successful workshop with the help of two Local Video Trainers. Participants, including staff from various community health organizations and International Medical Corps, were enthusiastic about the video-making process. They have completed two videos promoting the use of latrines and handwashing. OMPT is looking forward to receiving more videos from International Medical Corps in the coming months.


Executive Director, Matt York, will be attending the mEducation Alliance Symposium October 18-20 in Washington DC. The theme of this year’s symposium will be From Innovation To Impact. The conference will focus on the use of innovative mobile technologies for educational use in developed and developing countries. This is a great opportunity for OMPT to showcase the impact of cordless video projectors at an international conference.

OMPT Developing New Projector Prototype

OMPT is collaborating with four mechanical engineering students of senior status at California State University, Chico, to develop a new projector housing which will be water, dust, and drop resistant. The projector will be similar in size to the current one utilized by OMPT, but the features will be better suited for the context of the developing world. This is a very exciting opportunity for these students. Not only will they get a practical, hands-on experience but OMPT will be able to develop advanced technology to share with the most remote regions of the world.

Patrice York