Local Video Trainers with founder Matt York

Local Video Trainers with founder Matt York

 The Local Video Trainer (LVT) will at minimum arrange 3 working sessions with the partner organization post workshop. Ideally the working sessions will occur once per month for three months. Each session will be a minimum of 4 hours. 

Working sessions serve as time that the LVT will be present at the partner organization office to assist with video production process. Workshops participants will be invited to attend office hours and receive guidance and/or feedback of their video creation process. OMPT can participate in working sessions via Skype if necessary, but not required. 

The LVT is required to submit a brief write-up summary to OMPT at the completion of the working sessions. This write-up can outline challenges and successes and is useful for OMPT to understand the level of support needed for the partner. 

Below are some talking points for the Local Video Trainer Working Sessions 

  • Have workshop participants begun to create new videos? Why or why not?

  • Do you have any ideas for future videos?

    • What behavior change is the organization trying to accomplish?

    • Introduce various storylines - comedy, drama, testimonials, etc 

  • What are some potential problems that you could run into making video?

    • Develop a plan to overcome challenges?

  • Discuss the importance of storyboarding

  • Practice scriptwriting

  • Practice shooting techniques

  • Screening updates

    • Anything in the works?

  • What are some venues you can use to show the screenings?

  • Who would benefit from viewing the videos?

  • How to make the videos relatable to the audience?