Matthew York 

Founder & Executive Director of OMPT

Matt graduated from Rutger’s University with a degree in Communications (TV and Film) and English in 1978.  In 1986, he founded Videomaker Inc., a leading publisher on video production.  With a magazine readership of over 64,000 and the web site’s 400,000 monthly visitors, Videomaker Inc.’s mission is to empower individuals to make video through a monthly magazine, website, DVDs, books, and hands-on workshops and conferences.

Branching out of Videomaker Inc., in 2008, Mattfounded OMPT because of his genuine passion to make a difference in the developing world by bringing change through video.  Since then, Matt has been able to harness his over two decades of expertise in the video consumer electronics industry to grow OMPT from an idea to a thriving nonprofit organization.

Through the development of his own patent for a consumer electronics device as well as his travels to the research and development labs in Japan, he is experienced in the details of electronics equipment development. His inside knowledge about consumer electronics gear, his tracking of up and coming technologies, and his seasoned relationships with many top decision makers of the major consumer electronics manufacturing firms contribute to his ability tofulfill the mission of OMPT.  His professional contacts will vouch for his honesty and integrity as he is a well-respected colleague in both the publishing and consumer electronics industry.