Evidence of Impact


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OMPT has developed an innovative solution to address global development challenges faced by NGOs when engaging underserved and remote populations. Applying current video and projector technologies to the needs of developing countries, we teach the staff of NGOs and ministries of government to film, edit and disseminate videos that can accelerate behavior change, improve knowledge transfer and strengthen advocacy work. OMPT has executed 30 Video Education Workshops in 25 countries and trained over 550 humanitarian and development professionals.

Why Video for Behavior Change?

Video is an excellent tool for behavior change communication, which is essentially any interactive communication strategy that promotes positive behaviors that help solve world's most pressing health, agricultural, and education problems. One Mobile Projector Per Trainer was founded in 2008 by Matt York, owner of Videomaker, who has over 30 years of video creation experience. Combining existing research on the efficacy of video intervention in the developing world with York’s deep experience of technology and its ability to be deployed in rural areas, OMPT quickly and firmly established itself in the world of ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development). Specifically, OMPT is focused on the use of video technology to encourage behavior change for the empowerment of rural populations in developing nations.

Projector Kits Deployed: 2736
Camera Kits Deployed: 274
Recharging Kits Deployed: 619
Project Countries: 25
People Directly Trained: 602

partner testimonials (NGOS & Ministries of Government)

OMPT conducts Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) baseline and end line surveys to determine effectiveness of the Video Education Workshops.


beneficiary testimonials

OMPT conducts surveys before and after video screening sessions to determine community engagement and effectiveness the video.


Rural villages viewing completed videos