Peace-building and Education in South Sudan

  • Location: South Sudan

  • Beneficiaries: 200,000

  • Partner: ACROSS Sudan

  • Sector: Peace-building

The people of South Sudan have experienced decades of conflict in the separation from Sudan. Seventy percent of the population is under 30 and the future is bleak for children and youth in terms of education and employment prospects.

OMPT will partner with ACROSS Sudan to provide training and cordless video and projector equipment to support their peace-building and basic education projects. Videos can be used by community mobilizers to promote peaceful conflict resolution strategies in a country awash with guns, one where a study done by Mercy Corps showed that 88% of youth believe violence is acceptable in one or more situations. Videos will also be used to provide basic education in a country where nearly three quarters of the country’s children are out of school—the highest proportion in the world.

By supporting OMPT and ACROSS Sudan, children will have improved access to basic education and be able to gain more opportunities to escape poverty and improve the political situation in South Sudan. Youth will be taught life skills and conflict resolution skills to contribute to peace-building in this troubled region. The future of South Sudan rests in the hands of children and youth and it is important that they are provided the tools with which to succeed.

Patrice York