Board of Advisors


Dave Arland

Dave Arland is President of Arland Communications as well as Executive Director of the Indiana Broadcasters Association. He is a 25+ year veteran in consumer technology and public affairs communications, with a decade of of experience running his own agency. His specialties include Media Relations, Public Affairs, Video Production, and Strategic Communications Planning among others.


Hari Thapa

Hari Thapa is a founder of Contemporary Vision , a research based socially aware audiovisual production company in Nepal that works with local and international clients for investigative reports and documentaries

Hari has been active in the media sector for the last 16 years, working on educational and social issues. He has been carrying outprograms on documentary film making, audio-visual training and holding discussions on social issues, working together with the local community. He has partnered with many organizations including the United Nations Development Programme, Swiss Development Co-operation (SDC), UNESCO and Save the Children are among the international organizations. Hari is also a founder of the Teachers Can Make a Difference campaign which has trained more than 20 thousand teachers and guardians of over 40 districts in Nepal.

Tom Tilson

Tom Tilson has been supporting education in Asia, Africa and Latin America since his Peace Corps experience in the Philippines decades ago including long-term assignments in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya.

Currently he works in Kenya where he is Senior Education Advisor to the DFID funded Kenya Essential Education Program. His special passion has been the application of appropriate technologies to expanding access and improving quality of basic education and teacher training. He was part of the founding team for Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) in Nicaragua in the mid-1970s and has expanded his interest to include video, tablets, mobile phones, and computers.

He has had the pleasure of working with Matt York in South Sudan. He has his BA and MAT degrees from Yale University and Ph.D. in education from Stanford University.

Sarah Kiden

Sarah Kiden is currently working as the Head of Systems at Uganda Christian
University. She loves to learn, build and support computer systems andnetworks. She has been involved in promoting the use of ICT in the classroom in higher institutions of learning as well as in the private sector.

In her free time, she volunteers with the Internet Society Uganda Chapter, through which she picked interest and became active in Internet policy development at ICANN. She recently co-founded DigiWave Africa, a non-profit organization which supports the safe and responsible use of technology for youth and children. Sarah holds an MSc in Information Systems and BSc in Information Technology.

A.S. Douno

Currently working as a Health Informatics Manager for eHealth Africa in Guinea, Douno is a software developer and entrepreneur with experience setting up and running different businesses. Since 2014, he has been very active in the fight against the Ebola Virus in West Africa by participating in the set up and management of the 115 Call Center for the fight against the Ebola Virus in Guinea and in the modernisation of the IT (Information Technology) infrastructure of the Guinea Health Ministry. In his current position at eHealth Systems Africa, Douno is working on the development of new web & mobile applications in order to bring better and more efficient Healthcare systems to the African continent.

Eric Schwartz

Eric is the President and Publishing Director of the Consumer Technology Publishing Group ofNAPCO Media, a business-to-business digital media company serving the consumer technology, marketing, retail, non-profit, printing & packaging, publishing and promotional products industries.. Eric is the founder of the CEWEEK and CEA line shows…tech conference and manufacturer line show,Custom Publishing for the CES Show, CEDIA, HTSA and HES.

Stuart Leigh

Stuart Leigh is Executive Director of Real World Productions based in New York City. He has wide experience in educational media design, production, training, project management and evaluation. He has worked in international media-assisted education since 1978 producing numerous projects to support basic education using audio and radio often with integrated print and video (e.g., Swaziland, South Africa, Belize, Ethiopia, Philippines, Tanzania, Nepal).

From 2004-2008 with support from USAID he led a formal alliance of Philippine and American organizations to provide training and audio-based English language teaching materials (“Real World English: Tuning In to Language and Culture”) to over 1000 classrooms in the Philippines, while also serving non-formal learners and general radio audiences.

Recently he has conducted formal evaluations of USAID-funded education projects in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Malawi, and India. Stuart is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught media production at both the undergraduate (State University of New York) and graduate levels (New School for Social Research).

Ryan Vaught

Ryan is passionate about volunteer work and technology, a perfect combination for the work OMPT does. He contributes his technical and equipment expertise. He has a B.S. in Business Administration with an option in Finance and has founded and manages several of his own businesses. Ryan assists with in-country workshops and contributes his time as a volunteer.

Mike Wilhelm

Mike Wilhelm is Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker based out of Chico, California. He is a 15-year veteran of the media industry, having worked in television advertising, film production, and online publishing.
A graduate of California State University, Chico, Mike has produced video assets for hundreds of clients. He has worked on countless independent film projects. At Videomaker Mike strives to make video production more accessible by equipping beginners with the knowledge they need to successfully share their ideas with visual media.
Mike believes that free communication should be a universal right, and that in the 21st century, video is an essential tool in the distribution of knowledge.

Matt Winne

Matt Winne is an video producer and media educator from Michigan. Since joining Videomakers Without Borders in 2014, he has facilitated workshops with Matt York in Cambodia. He considers himself lucky to be able to combine is passion for video creation with a desire to empower those in need.
Matt holds a BS in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University and studied at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Suriname from 2004-2006, where he provided small business education and explored the Amazon rainforest when he wasn’t lounging in his hammock, listening to howler monkeys in the distance.

gary b.jpg

Gary Bettan

Gary Bettan is a veteran within the video equipment industry. He leads two companies; a retail company, and a distribution company, Broadfield Distribution Inc.   Gary enjoys creating and growing markets for the video editing, video production, live streaming and digital content creation.