Who We Are

OMPT’s mission is to help educate the world’s poorest billion people with low-cost video technology.

Our Positioning Statement
We bring long-term, sustainable development to communities in the developing world by teaching local individuals and community based organizations to deliver the latest training information in health, agriculture, education and other disciplines. We do this by working with subject matter experts and teaching locals how to produce educational videos using low cost video cameras and cordless projectors in typically hard to reach locations.

  • Each person should have the opportunity to receive education and improve their quality of life.
  • Each person should be able to learn within a community–regardless of language, literacy, or location.
  • Each person should receive highly-relevant instruction from the best teachers in the community.
  • Each person should benefit from efficient and effective instruction through video technologies.

OMPT envisions a world where electricity, illiteracy, location, language, and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change. Through locally created video instruction, small improvements in knowledge dissemination fuel progress for individuals and communities.

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Our Team

OMPT operates thanks to the combined efforts of paid staff, student interns, and unpaid volunteers.

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Board of Directors

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Board of Advisors

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Our Partners

We are always interested in partnering with new nonprofit organizations that could utilize our video education workshops to increase the impact of their interventions. Click to learn more.

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